Viewer Impressions (Update 6/28/2018)

Where WFND has been received (Jun 15,2018)

I was pleased to pick up WFND.  I live half way between Gomer and Delphos and have an antenna on a tower for picking up Lima and Fort Wayne. — Bill: Delphos, Ohio

Thank you for your station.  It comes in very good in Fostoria  —  Mary: Fostoria, Ohio

Chad’s Antenna

As an avid television watcher, I am very pleased with the results of WFND.  Even though the transmission signal is classified as a low power station and outside my viewing range, this did not hinder my viewing.  To view the station at 61.4 miles, it required having an outdoor television antenna aimed directly at the transmitter.  I am using two Antennas Direct 91XG’s in a stacked configuration.  That is, two antennas of the same design to increase the gain.  —  Chad: Pioneer, Ohio

Never knew Findlay had a TV station.  I like your programming, but I never knew about the Legion baseball league.  I watched the Ottawa versus Toledo game on your station.  —  Bob: North Baltimore, Ohio

There was a notice in the (Findlay Courier) paper about your station changing from channel 22 to 19.  I tried it this afternoon and found I could get it just by pointing the antenna west.  WANE is a 77 signal on my TV, and WFND is a 81 signal.  I hope they do sports in our area. — Tim: Harpster, Ohio

Love the region’s sports.  I have to move the antenna from the southeast toward Lima to the east to get it, but it comes in great.  Heard about you going on channel 19 from one of the local amateur radio operators who likes to DX TV channels. — Anthony: Paulding, Ohio

I love your station.  Lots of sports and good regional information.  We cancelled Dish a year ago to save money.  Your station is the perfect station for watching sports in the area.  I live between Patrick Henry High School and Deshler on on Route 18.  —  Tim: Hamler, Ohio

I tuned in late on Thursday night but was still very happy to be able to receive the Louisville Bats / Toledo Mud Hens game on your station.  I’m finding I’m watching more of your station and less of ESPN.  Next month I’m cutting the cord so you will be my sports fix.  —  Denny: Bowling Green, Ohio

Strong signal!!  I can even turn the antenna around toward Lima and get 19. — Tyler: Fox River Rd, Findlay, Ohio

I graduated from Anthony Wayne High School, and was surprised when turning on the TV to your channel to find my school.  Thank you very much for this wonderful service —  Bob: Portage, Ohio

Love the new station.  I hope to see Bowling Green State University games.  I’m a BGSU alumni.  —  Terri: Bluffton, Ohio

Per your notice in the Putnam Sentinel, I scanned my channels and found channel 19.   Thank you.   —  Dan: Continental, Ohio

Signal good.  Very good HD.  —  John: Belmore, OH

Watched your station last night.  Very impressive.  —  Tim: Deshler, Ohio


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Author: Frederick Vobbe

Chief Engineer and Director of Engineering for Block Communications Inc. 48 year veteran of broadcasting, Licensed amateur radio and radio-telephone. Interests include antenna design, high power transmission, DIY audio, and classic gear from the 60s and 70s.