The F.C.C. Repack Changes

The following are the changes we’re aware of in the F.C.C. Repack.  Most of the stations in the U.S. will be changing channels in the next year.

LOCALLY  (West central Ohio)

Our Findlay station, WFND BCSN, has been on channel 19 since May 2018, having moved off channel 22.

WBGU Public TV will be moving from channel 27 to channel 22 sometime before Christmas.  They will brand as “TV 27”.  (Phase 1)

WOHL in Lima will change from channel 35 to channel 15 on April 12, 2019, barring any problems encountered.  We will continue to brand our PSIP as channel 35.  (Phase 2)

When WOHL moves, the Defiance station on channel 26 proposes to move to channel 35.  They will also change ownership and translate WTLW. Presently they are WDFM-LP with 7.5kw ERP. They will become WNHO-LP, then WNHO-LD channel 35 with 15kw ERP.

WTLW will move from channel 44 to channel 4.  (Phase 2)

WTLW just purchased the Three Angles Broadcasting translator in Cridersville, OH, on channel 23. It will change the call letters to WIOW-LP, and then WIOW-LD channel 17, 15kw ERP, next year.


WFWA, Public TV channel 39 in Fort Wayne will move to channel 18.  They will continue to brand as 39.  (Phase 0.  Completed 9/1/2018)

WISE, virtual channel 33 in Fort Wayne will move one channel down to 34.  WISE was NBC, but is now The CW. NBC moved to WPTA’s second channel.   (Phase 0.  Completed 9/1/2018)

WFFT, Fox TV channel 36 in Fort Wayne will move to channel 20.  They will continue to brand as 55.  (Phase 6)

WPTA, ABC TV channel 24 in Fort Wayne will stay on channel 24.  They will brand as 21. Their .2 channel will be NBC.

WANE, CBS TV channel 31 in Fort Wayne will move to channel 32.  They will continue to brand as 15.  (Phase 6)


WLMB, religious channel 5 in Toledo, (transmitter in Riga, Michigan), will stay on channel 5, same power.

WTVG ABC 13, and WTOL CBS 11, will stay on their channels and keep branding as those channels.

WUPW, Fox Toledo channel 36 will move to channel 26.  They will continue to brand as 36.   (Phase 8)

WNWO, NBC TV channel 24 in Toledo will move to channel 23, at a lower power TBD.  (Phase 1)

WGTE, Public TV channel 29 in Toledo will stay on 29.  They will continue to brand as Toledo Public TV 30.

WMNT, (unknown programming) channel 48 in Toledo will move to channel 36.  No information on branding.  (Phase 1)


WPDT, Public TV channel 16 in Dayton will move to 35.  They will continue to brand as Public TV 16.   (Phase 6)

WRGT, independent channel 45 in Dayton will move to 36.  They will continue to brand as 45.   (Phase 6)

WDTN, NBC TV analog channel 2 in Dayton, was on 50 with their DT station, and will move to 31.  They will continue to brand as Dayton 2.   (Phase 6)

WHIO, CBS TV channel 7 in Dayton, moved to 41, and will move again to 33.  They will continue to brand as Dayton 7.   (Phase 6)


WCMH, NBC channel 14 in Columbus, stays on channel 14, branding as NBC 4.

WOSU, PBS/Ohio State University, is on channel 38, and they will move to channel 16, but brand as channel 34.    (Phase 8)

WBNS, CBS channel 21, will stay on channel 21, but brand as CBS 10.

WTTE, is on channel 36, and will move to 27, retaining their brand of MyFox 28.   (Phase 2)

WSYX, is on channel 48, and will move to channel 28, branding as WSYX ABC 6   (Phase 8)


Phase Testing Period
Start Date
Completion Date
1 9/14/2018 11/30/2018
2 12/1/2018 4/12/2019
3 4/13/2019 6/21/2019
4 6/22/2019 8/2/2019
5 8/3/2019 9/6/2019
6 9/7/2019 10/18/2019
7 10/19/2019 1/17/2020
8 1/18/2020 3/13/2020
9 3/14/2020 5/1/2020
10 5/2/2020 7/3/2020

Author: Frederick Vobbe

Chief Engineer and Director of Engineering for Block Communications Inc. 48 year veteran of broadcasting, Licensed amateur radio and radio-telephone. Interests include antenna design, high power transmission, DIY audio, and classic gear from the 60s and 70s.